Our People

Chuck Wait


Chuck Wait has 30+ years of experience in the tire & automotive industry. He is a nationally ranked tire technician. Other associates in the industry refer to him for questions and knowledge on how to do the job right the first time across the nation. He holds his employees to a very high standard. He not only makes them change every tire correctly without cutting corners like major chain stores, but they also must inspect and professionally clean every rim they handle. Inspecting and cleaning every rim insures that your tire will hold air properly and last longer. Chuck also has an eye for knowing what type of tire would work best for every customer that walks into his shop. Getting customers the best bang for the buck is what Chuck Wait Tire is nationally known for thanks to Chuck Wait. Why on earth would you shop anywhere else besides with Chuck?

Bruce Fetters

Head Tire Technician

Bruce has worked at Chuck Wait Tire for 20+ years. Balancing a tire should should be his middle name. Correctly balancing a tire insures that your tire will last longer and Bruce is nothing short of a professional. Large chain stores tend to cut corners and even use counter balancing methods, which is an industry wide "no-no!" When you do business with Chuck Wait Tire you can rest assure that your tires will be balanced correctly and your tires will last way longer. Some of his other specialties include patching tires and sealing rims. Bruce provides every customer with top quality service, every time!

Ben Warfield

Head Mechanic

Ben Warfield is a dedicated employee and a certified, top rated alignment technician. With many years of experience you can rest assure that your vehicle maintenance will be done right the first time. He is always adapting to industry standards and changes and updating his equipment often to make every vehicle runs at top performance! Schedule an appointment with him to give you a free estimate on how to make your car last longer. Doing a 30 point courtesy check is a great way to know your vehicles needs and is completely free. Call 937.442.2004 and ask for Ben!